Global mobile operators in Europe and the Middle East.

The challenge

  • Capture real-time perception of service experience & network quality
  • Reduce churn through early detection of “At Risk” corporate accounts
  • Prioritise network problems by clustering trouble hot spots.

The Solution

  • Branded smartphone applications that provide real-time feedback of service quality
  • An extensive backend portal providing customer focused network performance analysis through correlation of customer experience and network quality measurements
  • Accessible on-line summary reports to enable effective account management
  • The option to enable device signal strength & data speed measurements at specific locations or on drive tests

The result

  • Our customers have been able to reduce calls to customer care through ‘one’click’ smartphone feedback apps, whilst also identifying negative experience issues that could otherwise go unreported.
  • Corporate account managers have experienced improved engagement with client representatives and a significant reduction in effort required to quantify client quality of experience.
  • Processes have been streamlined between Technology, Care, Sales and Customers in relation to network care, creating significant efficiency gains.

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