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Case study: Expansion of engineering operations and capacity

Our client has been a successful software provider to the financial services industry for 20 years, with its management software products used by many of the world’s largest banks.

The challenge

With growing demand for its software platforms and an active roadmap, the client sought to complement its core R&D organization in Dublin with a development centre in an established technology hub in Eastern Europe.

It was essential to the client that it would retain complete control over this nearshore development team by incorporating it seamlessly into its engineering processes and quality standards.

The solution

Sonalake worked with our client in Dublin to understand its technology platform and agile processes, identifying those elements that would be ideally positioned to dimension nearshore development scrum teams around.

A collaborative project was established to build an extended nearshore team in Sonalake’s development centre in Poznan, with tight measurements on quality and effective integration. A successful trial was followed by the establishment of our client’s own scrum teams, seamlessly working with the core R&D team in Dublin.

The result

The client has expanded its development team in an established technology hub in Poland with a strong supply of engineering talent, relieving the challenge and cost of recruiting at scale in a competitive Dublin market.

Our client’s collaborative approach to working with Sonalake has facilitated improvements in core development processes and associated efficiency gains.


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