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Case study: Develop a web-based interface to manage subscribers

Eir operates 3G/4G and 5G mobile networks in Ireland.

The challenge

  • To securely access and manage complex subscriber data across a number of network technologies and IT platforms from multiple vendors
  • To provide an intuitive, web-based management interface for customer care staff and technical operations
  • To create customized views and access rules for different teams within the organisation.

The solution

  • A user friendly, web-based interface to manage subscriber information on the HLR/HSS, with extensive security access and audit features to ensure data integrity across platforms.
  • A product that enables care staff to view and update subscriber provisioning profiles while a support call is in progress.
  • A product that enables fraud teams access to bar/unbar subscribers from the network or disable features such as international calls, data roaming, etc.
  • Data integration with several underlying network and IT platforms.

The result

This solution was on a critical path to facilitate Meteor to launch the first 4G network in Ireland and was delivered in record time against an aggressive timeline requirement. Compared to the incumbent system, the product significantly increased customer satisfaction and reduced call resolution times to customer care by enabling intuitive and easy access to subscriber provisioning data. Meteor has continued to evolve the solution to improve business processes within its customer care organization.


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