Sonalake brings three exciting telecom management solutions to FTTH Conference 2023

We will unveil a next-generation BSS product and the latest iterations of existing award-winning telecom solutions when we exhibit at the FTTH Conference 2023 in Madrid.

Our BSS/OSS solutions are currently used by leading European providers, including Vodafone, Three, eir and Enet. We’re also a key software partner for NBI’s ambitious project to deliver the largest fibre broadband rollout in the history of the Irish state. The conference will see us showcase our software solutions and services, providing interactive demonstrations of how our technology can transform network operations.

Next-generation BSS for fibre operators

Our new SwitchedOn Fibre™ solution makes it easy to acquire, manage and bill customers using a modular suite of BSS software. This new product processes across wholesale, retail and enterprise services. Its low/no code approach enables flexible integration within the IT ecosystem to improve efficiency and the customer experience.

It automates the lead-to-cash customer journey and helps providers connect and retain fibre customers. Providers can use it to check eligibility, provide instant quotes, optimise order management and track the installation process. Bill and care services let providers generate wholesale or retail invoices, integrate with existing billing processes, and support subscriber management, ticketing and diagnostics.

SwitchedOn Fibre™ is a cloud-native, modular and extensible suite of BSS applications designed to integrate with new and legacy systems, as well as third-party wholesale providers of access technologies. Not only does our Software-as-a-Service model support scalability but it also guarantees constant access to market-leading software that evolves with global fibre business trends.

Billing solution to grow ARPU - manage and monetise subscriptions

We will also unveil a rebranding of our popular billing solution to SwitchedOn Billing™. This system helps providers manage and monetise subscriptions and is also available as a module in SwitchedOn Fibre™.

Providers can easily define its flexible, customisable product catalogue and use its simplified subscription management to track and manage customers. The automated billing process calculates all recurring, one-off and usage charges before issuing invoices to customers.

SwitchedOn Billing™ is efficient, reliable and scalable and it’s designed to integrate seamlessly with third-party applications like a CRM, order management or any payment gateways.

Network monitoring and AIOps-enabled analytics

Our award-winning VisiMetrix™ solution delivers fixed network service monitoring and AIOps-enabled analytics for the next generation of NOCs. It uses predictive analytics, data science-led insights and proactive warnings to detect and resolve issues before they impact service quality.

It provides a single pane of glass view of a network, allowing providers to assess network health and performance using tailored dashboards, wallboards and visualisations. This real-time view of network metrics and KPls can be enriched with additional context, such as topology and SLA data.

It easily integrates with third-party technologies or legacy systems to gather data from across the network. VisiMetrix™ provides end-to-end monitoring of fixed network health and service performance, unifying data from disparate systems for KPI monitoring, early intervention and customer impact analysis.

A trusted partner

We provide network operators with pioneering software solutions and engineering services. As a trusted software partner, clients range from major global networks to emerging independent operators.

Over a 20-year history, Sonalake and our predecessor organisations have delivered over 400 projects globally with a 100% track record of success.


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