Our 5 Most Popular Posts of 2019

Our 5 Most Popular Posts of 2019

From building a data analytics team to choosing the right UX tool, let's look back on our most popular articles of 2019:

An Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

Sometimes it may be too expensive to check all our data, or it’s complicated nature can lead us into making the wrong decision, due to assumptions being made. In cases like this, hypothesis testing can help us by giving a degree of confidence that either our observations are real, or the changes we’ve made have, in fact, made a difference.

Battle of the Pixels: How we chose a new design tool

At Sonalake we frequently review and update the way we work to match the evolving needs of our clients and emerging industry standards. In this article, we go step by step through our journey of assessing and choosing a new design tool.

Instrumenting Software with Micrometer

In the world of microservices we may have 10-100s of distributed software services, running containers - how can an engineer build a picture of what’s happening in the system. This post explains how instrumenting the services and exposing meaningful metrics can help engineers carry out root cause analysis to identify performance bottlenecks.

Building a Successful Data Analytics Practice

From just 8 people to 40-plus specialists, this post shares our journey in developing a dedicated Analytics Practice Team over the course of 3 exciting years.

Connected Britain – 3 years on – 3 key observations

This post summarizes our involvement at the Connected Britain Conference over the course of the three day event. It focuses on the evolution of the UK’s full fibre agenda and vision for building its key digital infrastructure.

We are delighted to share our most popular posts of 2019 and we can’t thank our readers enough for their interest. We aim to start this year by delivering fresh insights into new and exciting topics from the tech frontier. Please keep an eye on our News & Blog section to stay up to date and as always, just shout if you want to talk about your latest software innovation opportunity!


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