Data science & machine learning

Detect anomalies before they affect critical processes with baseline-triggered alerts and forecasting features.

Machine learning models

Our data science team builds advanced machine learning models to help you understand and solve complex network problems.

Predict the impact of storms and other weather events on the performance of the radio access network. Track the impact of localised transmission outages on linked cell sites. Get more insights from your complex data with clustering and predictive modeling.

VisiMetrix - screenshot of advanced machine learning models



Applying analytics and data science in telecoms - network congestion forecasting

Predictive analytics

VisiMetrix models your data to highlight trends, make accurate predictions, and alert you to any statistical anomalies. It uses advanced analytics to learn seasonal patterns and variations, which allow it to set dynamic thresholds that dramatically reduce false alerts.

VisiMetrix - screenshot of predictive analytics charts

Adaptive thresholds

Powerful thresholds and alerts features ensure you get the right information when you need it. Get real-time visibility of network data, service characteristics and quality measurements in your chosen combinations across all network technologies.

VisiMetrix - screenshot of real time alerts

Event correlation and proactive warnings

Event correlation, service status calculation and automated actions enable VisiMetrix to proactively flag a potential problem.

It can even understand its impact on your business. IT teams can use this information to implement dynamic capacity planning and disaster prevention procedures.

VisiMetrix - screenshot of geo view

Anomaly detection and baselining

VisiMetrix learns how a given service should behave over time. That lets it recognise and report anomalies or unusual network behaviour.

Manual or automated baseline calculation and baseline-triggered alerts flag potential issues, allowing them to be addressed before they become problems.

VisiMetrix - screenshot of entity table

Forecast resource requirements

Advanced analytical models can forecast IT or network resource availability, which facilitates capacity analysis.

Get a clearer picture of your future infrastructure requirements. Use data-driven predictions to make informed decisions about infrastructure investment and upgrades.

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