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In 2021 Ofcom introduced One Touch Switching (OTS) rules to ease the process by which customers can change their fixed voice and broadband service provider. The OTS process mandates that service providers play their part in automating the end-to-end switching process by integrating with the TOTSCo Hub messaging platform. This two-way integration, where providers send requests to the Hub and service requests from it, comprises a complex set of APIs and security protocols with strict performance guarantees.

Integration requires that communication providers develop software to both send requests to the Hub and receive service requests from it, as well as integrate with their CRM, service inventory, customer billing, and other systems. To compound matters TOTSCo integration imposes strict performance guarantees and comprises a complex set of APIs and security protocols that will continue to evolve beyond 2023.

This represents a significant technology challenge for providers.

How does pivOTS help?

pivOTS minimises the effort required for providers to meet their OTS regulatory obligations. It simplifies Hub integration in both gaining and losing scenarios handling messaging, data management, security, availability, performance and audit requirements.

pivOTS is deployed rapidly within a Retail Provider’s own IT environment, providing a high degree of protection from accidental or unauthorized attempts to access customer data. It abstracts the OTS challenge away from core systems including CRMs, while keeping them up to date with customer switch progress. pivOTS thus reinforces CRM’s central role as master of customer communications.

pivOTS is available at a price point that is significantly below the cost for a Retail Provider to develop and maintain a similar solution internally.


  • Fully compliant with TOTSCo OTS specifications
  • Message retry
  • Multi-brand support
  • Rate limiting
  • Simple service inventory ingestion APIs
  • Cloud deployment (AWS, Azure, GCP)
  • High-availability configuration
  • Horizontally scalable
  • Observability through OpenTelemetry
  • SLA metrics tracking


  • TOTSCo compliance at lower cost - keep your tech team focused on delivering new business value
  • Insulate existing business support systems from additional load and external traffic
  • Remove need for 3rd party access to systems containing sensitive customer data
  • Reduced API surface for improved security
  • Comprehensive observability metrics and audit trail
  • Release roadmap in line with evolving TOTSCo specifications, including GPLB
  • Reduced testing requirements - pivOTS will have already passed the proposed end-to-end test threshold

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