Switched On Fibre™

Switched On Fibre™

Intelligent Automation of Lead-to-Cash Fibre Journey

Sonalake’s FTTx BSS is a modular suite of software used by fibre operators to automate processes across wholesale, retail and enterprise services. FTTx BSS is easy to use, allowing your team to focus on getting customers connected and providing an excellent customer experience.

The Lead-to-Cash Customer Flow

FTTx BSS automates the “lead-to-cash” processes for ordering and managing fibre services. The platform efficiently combines qualification, order management, provisioning, billing, ticketing and in-life service management for fibre networks.

“Sonalake’s BSS solution is pivotal in enabling our customer journeys, from address search through to customer order management, billing and assurance. Their agile and collaborative approach as our software partner has been excellent”

John Power, Director of IT, National Broadband Ireland


Delight Your Subscribers
from the Start

Service availability checking is the first interaction with your customer and so it’s one that you want to get right. FTTx BSS helps you across all aspects, from address validation to displaying service availability information while collecting demand data as a valuable insight for your marketing and network planning teams.

Switched on Fibre - Lead


Flexible Product Offerings and Instant Quotes

The highly flexible and configurable product catalogue allows fibre operators to define a product set that is tailored for a specific market (B2C) or individual business customers (B2B). Product and pricing information is displayed instantly and clearly to support efficient communication between the CSR and the customer. FTTX BSS can also aggregate services from other off-net providers, allowing a fibre operator to expand its product portfolio.


Order Management with an eCommerce User Experience

FTTx BSS delivers a low-friction user experience, guiding CSRs quickly and efficiently through the order capture flow, including the management of installation appointments. Opportunities to cross-sell and run promotions are presented during this phase, while order updates are communicated throughout the life cycle, informing the customer team about the progress of the installation, provisioning, and service activation activities.



Operational efficiency with integrated processes

By integrating order management with your field workforce management and network systems, the provisioning, installation and service activation processes are automated. Achieving consistency and accuracy across these critical operations will eliminate cost escalation and keep the budget in good health.


Streamlined billing & service management

FTTx BSS provides fibre operators with a fully integrated subscription and billing module that automates the billing process and ensures that customers are invoiced on time. It provides tools to streamline service management (e.g. to upgrade a broadband service) or to improve the customer experience through its diagnostics and case management capabilities. The platform scales to an organisation’s needs, which provides the fibre operator with a path for future growth while keeping OPEX costs as low as possible.


A Platform Designed for Fibre Operators

Start, adapt, evolve.

At Sonalake we understand that getting you up and running is only the first step. Not only will our FTTx BSS help you acquire customers quickly, but it will also help your products and business adapt to market conditions.

Furthermore, our Software-as-a-Service approach ensures that your investment scales with your customer base, while also providing you constant access to market-leading software that evolves with the global fibre market.

The Sonalake FTTx BSS is a cloud-based, modular and extensible suite of applications designed for ease of integration with new and legacy systems. FTTx BSS cloud-native design minimises operating and infrastructure costs while scaling flexibly according to demand, preparing your organisation for future challenges while containing both CAPEX and OPEX investment.

The API-centric solution enables integration within your wider IT ecosystem, and also towards third-party wholesale providers of access technologies and assets.

Customer Challenges and Case Studies

Fibre providers are spearheading a revolution, investing billions to build full-fibre gigabit broadband networks. The societal impact will be far-reaching, creating new communication, information, education and entertainment opportunities for current and future generations.

With the investment comes complexity, from civil works through to wayleaves and government negotiations, as well as network rollout, customer onboarding and in-life service management.

In addition to more bandwidth for less money, the modern end customer expects an internet-shopping experience, with quick, efficient delivery of the ordered service and regular progress updates.

Sonalake provides you with the tools you and your customers need in a single, flexible package. We will help you on your automation journey by starting simple, preparing for scale and profitably delivering on your business model.

Case Study – National Broadband Ireland

The following case study presents how Sonalake’s software solutions helped National Broadband Ireland (NBI) build and operate the new high-speed fibre broadband network for rural Ireland, known as the National Broadband Plan. The rollout is the largest rural infrastructure investment since electrification, and it will provide modern and reliable broadband access for approximately 540,000 homes and businesses, supporting the requirements of current and future generations.

To learn more see the customer story.

Case Study – Network Access Wholesale Aggregation for RSP’s

The following case study is an example of a large scale B/OSS transformation for a European wholesale operator innovating in the area of wholesale aggregation services.

To learn more see the customer story.

Sonalake Service

FTTx BSS is accompanied by Sonalake’s excellent reputation for service delivery, telecom domain expertise and software innovation. We will take you quickly from A to B – find customers, get them on board, delight them and bill them. When the day comes when you need to evolve we’ll take you further along the curve from A to Z. We’ll be by your side, making things simple for your team, ensuring your business runs smoothly.

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