Our 5 most popular posts of 2022

With 2022 disappearing over the horizon, it’s a good time to look back at our most popular blog posts from the last 12 months. Here’s a quick recap of last year’s best-performing posts. 

1. Integration testing done right

Adam’s post looks at the best ways to do integration testing and some tools that can make it easier to write integration tests. This includes Testcontainers and the Spark Framework, which can help you write shorter and more descriptive tests that are also more reliable. 

2. Women in tech: Engineers offer advice to the next generation

To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day, we talked to seven Sonalakers about what inspired them to go into engineering and the advice they’d offer budding engineers. They chat about the skills you need to be a good engineer and what they love most about their jobs. 

3. The benefits of moving to an intelligent Network Operations Centre (iNOC)

The move from a traditional NOC to an iNOC can be a catalyst for network service providers to transform their operating model and embrace digital transformation. In this post, we look at how an iNOC can help operators to maintain network performance, anticipate infrastructure problems and improve efficiency.

4. An open source Rust SNMP simulator

In 2022, we combined our enthusiasm for Rust and open source technology when we started work on a Rust-based SNMP agent simulator. František’s post reveals how the team addressed an early challenge they encountered - how to approach handling a dynamic set of UDP listeners in addition to a HTTP listener for REST API requests. 

5. SSO without standards: Simple yet secure authentication in legacy systems

Single Sign-On (SSO) might seem like a solved problem but issues can arise when dealing with legacy applications. Zaid examines possible solutions when working on a legacy application that doesn’t support standards like SAML, OAuth2, and OIDC.

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