Easy integration

Collate data from disparate systems to get better insights into your network service performance.

Multi-vendor monitoring

Get real-time visibility of network data, service characteristics and quality measurements, even with multi-vendor systems. Incorporate a diverse range of network technologies in a variety of combinations.

VisiMetrix - screenshot of 3G and 4G KPIs

Auto discovery

VisiMetrix contains an inbuilt, IP-based discovery feature. Enable the auto-discovery of network nodes and links that can be dynamically presented within relevant dashboard layers.

VisiMetrix - screenshot of entity tables

Efficient webscale architecture

Get a highly efficient, cost effective framework with the VisiMetrix plug-in architecture, which can integrate a diverse range of network and service data components.

VisiMetrix - screenshot of alerts and thresholds

Cloud deployed and DevOps enabled

Access the latest internet and open source webscale technologies at a fraction of the cost of traditional OSS solutions. VisiMetrix is currently deployed on Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

VisiMetrix - screenshot of topology maps

Connecting multiple data sources

Build pipelines to connect diverse data sources. VisiMetrix uses a modular design and pipelines to connect to over 50 different vendors and technologies. All types of data sources and processes can be accommodated.

VisiMetrix - screenshot of data sources

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