VisiMetrix delivers a new approach to monitoring and analysis of network service performance, unifying data from disparate multi-vendor systems to enable customer impact assessment, early intervention and trending.

Designed for the user, VisiMetrix removes background noise to deliver clarity, prioritise and automate action. The result is better network service quality, greater NOC/SMC efficiency, loyal customers and lower costs.

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“VisiMetrix provides Three Ireland with the intelligence to monitor and proactively respond to service related issues within the network, often before these issues can impact customers. Its powerful alerting, network visualisations and dynamic thresholding abilities can highlight inter-dependencies and hotspots quickly, clearly and directly to network operations teams.”

John McGrane, Head of Access and Transmission Networks, Three Ireland

“The overriding strategic impact of VisiMetrix has been to allow us to effectively share our network data by breaking traditional boundaries, making real-time and historic data easily accessible across the organisation for monitoring and analytics.”

Declan Malone, Head of Mobile Data and Messaging, eir

Towards the Next Generation Network Operation Centre

Data is captured in near real time from probes, element managers, cells, links, routers and all manner of network devices. Context is added, such as topology or SLA data, and metrics and KPIs are presented to users through dashboards, wallboards and tailored visualisations, while intelligent thresholds and proactive notifications ensure early intervention to minimise customer impact

Built together with leading telecom carriers

Information overload is a consistent challenge for Network Operation Centres (NOC).

With a snowstorm of data and alerts from multiple systems, how can network health be best deciphered and communicated across the organisation? How can critical customer impacting problems be quickly identified and resolved, and how can the data be used to drive and prioritise investment decisions?

These are the types of questions that Sonalake has spent several years researching with network operators while designing the software to support the next generation of NOC.

The result is VisiMetrix, a contemporary solution with a highly acclaimed user experience that encourages adoption across the organisation, leveraging valuable data assets previously consigned to vertical silos.

Contextual Data Presentation

The feature rich portal allows easy creation of custom user dashboards, balancing flexibility with ease of use and linking data across multiple services in a holistic fashion.

Examples of diverse views presented across the organisation include:

  • Wallboard Visualisations tailor-made for large, mission critical Network Operations Centres
  • Executive Dashboards that provide real time priority information to C-level management
  • Detailed granular views for technical teams to enable system performance monitoring, analysis & troubleshooting
  • Service Monitoring dashboards that provide a unique customer centric view of SLAs and service impacting performance changes

Ease of Integration

The ability to collect and link data from multiple vendors and diverse technologies is at the core of VisiMetrix, ranging from probes, element managers, cells, links, routers and all manner of network devices. The plug-in architecture also delivers out-of-the-box support for leading network nodes.

Data Science led Insights

VisiMetrix presents advanced KPI management features. It models your data to highlight trends, alert on statistical anomalies and makes use of advanced analytics to learn seasonal patterns and dynamically adapt thresholds to expected limits.

KPI Monitoring Capabilities

In addition to providing bespoke dashboard views, VisiMetrix brings advanced thresholding and KPI management features. KPIs are colour coded and displayed in a visually appealing fashion. KPIs can be visualised in a variety of formats including geographic map views to ensure that information is displayed in a highly visual and intuitive format.


VisiMetrix contains an inbuilt IP based discovery feature. It enables the auto-discovery of network nodes and links which can be dynamically presented within the relevant dashboard layers.

Efficient Webscale Architecture

VisiMetrix combines the latest internet and open source webscale technologies at a fraction of the cost of traditional OSS solutions – cloud deployed and DevOps enabled.

Intuitive Visualisations of Complex Data

VisiMetrix was designed for the user, striking the balance between data granularity and information-at-a-glance. Users can create their own journeys through the data, with highly personalised maps, schemas and other visual representations that bring data to life and drive adoption across the business

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Sonalake’s expertise in Visual Analytics Software has been combined with our domain expertise in telecommunications to successfully deliver VisiMetrix to Operators such as Three and openeir with minimum complexity and maximum efficiency.

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