A mid-sized Nordic venture capital fund specialising in technology investments in Europe and North America.

The challenge

  • Detailed evaluation of a target company – a vendor in the communications software sector.
  • The required scope included market, product, IPR and team.

The Solution

  • Sonalake consultants worked on-site with the target company team, interviewing executives across the organisation, evaluating the functionality, technical design and engineering of the product offering, and assessing the company’s view of their market and awareness of competitors.
  • Claimed IPR was evaluated and an independent market and competitive analysis produced, highlighting opportunities unseen by the target company.
  • A set of recommendations were provided for our client containing: product critique with functional and engineering limitations highlighted; suggested roadmap for same; and observations and recommendations in terms of the team and their operational processes.

The result

The outcome of the technical and market due diligence resulted in a positive recommendation for investment. Our client subsequently lead an investment consortium round of $15M and the target company achieved a successful exit earlier than expected (within 3 years).

Sonalake has performed due diligence for several clients for investments ranging from €100k to €20M.

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