Welcome to Sonalake - the merger of DANU and Verax

Following 10 years of close partnership, DANU Technologies and Verax Systems have merged to form Sonalake, a new software company with deep roots.

Sonalake combines the breadth and depth of expertise from both companies, with a strong software engineering presence across locations in Dublin (Ireland), Poznan (Poland) and Plano TX (USA).

The big win from the creation of Sonalake is the boost in our capacity to help companies innovate using software. With business models being reinvented through digital technologies, and with software stacks and methods evolving at pace, we are experiencing growing demand for the new order of software partnership that we have formed with clients over recent years. We look forward to growing these partnerships and contributing to our customers’ success over the coming year.


About Sonalake

Sonalake helps companies to innovate using software, from the biggest global internet brands to the latest start-up disruptors. We provide product development, software engineering and expert consulting to help our clients capitalise on their know-how and data. Our track record of solution delivery is second to none, ranging from carrier-grade platforms for communication networks to advanced user interfaces for online business applications.

Our technology focus is on cutting edge open-source software across the full stack, complemented by our agile approach and our platform frameworks that offer accelerated time to market. We apply our software expertise within multiple vertical industries, cross-pollinating new technology ideas and best practices. And we invest in research and innovation to stay ahead, building on our domain expertise and process capabilities.

It all adds up to deliver the special customer experience that we have become known for. Sonalake was formed when DANU Technologies and Verax Systems merged in February 2016 following 10 years of close partnership. Our IT Management Solutions division remains branded as, growing our client and re-seller base globally.


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