Smart City infrastructure monitoring

Sonalake’s IT Management Solutions group has successfully deployed the Verax NMS & APM system to monitor the quality of public transportation services infrastructure in a large European city.

The system monitors the availability and performance of a wide range of equipment spread across the city, including hundreds of network devices, servers, UPSes, printers and VoIP phones, as well as a number of passenger service offices, information kiosks on tram and bus stops, franchised ticket sales points, more than a hundred mobile ticket control devices, and over 60 bicycle rental stations, including time- and volume-based SLA monitors.

The solution will also include such revenue-critical metrics as the health and performance of a few thousand ticket validators installed on board vehicles, including near-live GPS tracking. Built-in map visualization using the city’s own geographical web service helps operators identify the locations affected and quickly direct maintenance teams to handle any issues.

Sonalake is continuing to participate in Smart City innovation initiatives through an IoT R&D consortium focused on the implementation of a number of Smart City solutions using low-power wireless sensors and actuators that enable seamless extension of the network. The envisioned proof of concept scenarios include domains such as a network of air quality and pollution detectors owned by individuals and companies or easily implemented smart parking solutions for local governments or commercial premises.


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