Our 5 most popular posts of 2021

Our 5 Most Popular Posts of 2021

Another epic year is behind us. Let’s recall a few of our most popular posts of 2021. See if you caught them all!

Code Sharing with React Native & Webpack

Code sharing is a technique that enables applications to reuse the same code across desktop, web, and mobile platforms. Łukasz presents how to share components between React Native and React web applications.

Identity vs Resource-based AWS IAM Policies

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a cornerstone of AWS. Cezary walks us through some fundamental IAM concepts and discusses two common approaches to securing access to AWS resources.

React State Management with Recoil

Deciding which state management library to use in a new React project can be quite a challenge. Jakub presents an overview of Recoil - a library created by the React team that might prove to be the best choice for React developers in the near future.

Constraint Programming: Solving Sudoku with Choco Solver Library

Constraint programming is a paradigm for programming that can seem unusual the first time you see it, as it's entirely different to imperative programming. This post outlines a solution using constraint programming with Choco Solver, an open-source Java library for constraint programming.

Introduction to Progressive Web Applications – Part Two

In his two-part series, Krzysztof introduced the concept of Progressive Web Applications. Part one covered the basic concepts and methods of developing PWAs. Part two introduced the Service Worker API, allowing our web application to work offline.

As 2022 begins, we plan to deliver more new and exciting insights into various topics and projects that our experts want to share with the world. Keep an eye on our News & Blog section to stay up to date, and as always, let us know if you want to talk about your latest software innovation opportunity!


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