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Open-source AngularJS multiselect directive

We’ve used a lot of different UI filter components in our AngularJS applications, ranging from lists to datepickers to simple text inputs. One component that we found ourselves needing to use time and time again was a multi-select dropdown list. To keep with the style of the applications we were developing, we wanted a dropdown list that used checkboxes for multi-selection. We found plenty of 3rd party implementations but nothing that directly met our requirements so we built so-multiselect.

Originally, so-multiselect was part of a larger AngularJS project, but we soon found ourselves wanting to use it in some of our other projects. Rather than duplicating the code, we decided to implement it as a standalone module.

In keeping with AngularJS convention we’ve open sourced so-multiselect under the MIT license. It’s available for download from GitHub. Hope you find it useful.