A unique combination of onshore and nearshore

In recent times, a number of new clients have told us that a particular attraction to DANU is that we have an interesting and unique combination of onshore and nearshore solutions for product development and software engineering.

This combination gives a lot of flexibility when it comes to agreeing the best way of engaging for different scenarios. It may involve a fully onshore team, a fully offshore team, or a combination of both. It can range from a fixed price end-to-end solution; to carving out a single module; to building a dedicated team under the supervision of the client. The important thing is that we have the flexibility in finding the right balance between local in-person face-time, remote online face-time, and the different resources and associated costs between our development centres in Dublin and Poznan.

Whatever the solution, we also try to maintain a high-touch holistic service. Sometimes, customers need us to figure out their requirements on their behalf and write the specification, while at other times they know exactly what they need and can just point us to the specifics and let us get on with it. When our customers are software houses, we fit in with their existing product development processes – such as daily stand-ups in an agile environment. When our customers do not have their own product development function, we provide the interface across other levels; from system end-users to the executives in charge of strategy.

So at the end of the day, we think that it is this combination of flexibility and a high touch holistic approach that our clients like. It helps us all to stay focused on business outcomes; accelerating agility and creating great customer experiences.

November 25th, 2015|