Your CAREER at Sonalake


At Sonalake, we respect your time. We try to make the recruitment process as flexible as possible and make it work around your current role.

1. How to apply?

Time: 2min

Find the position you are interested in applying for HERE and simply click ‘apply’. You will be redirected to a short form, with only a few basic questions and a place where you can attach your CV. It won’t take you more than 2 minutes!

2. Quick chat on the phone or a coffee at our office – whatever you prefer!

Time: 30 min

We want to tell you more about Sonalake, technologies that we use, and answer all the questions that come to mind! If you are curious about our office you can also stop by instead and have a quick coffee – we will tell you more about us then :)

3. Coding assignment or send us a link to your GitHub account

Time: 4h

We want to see what your code looks like, so we have put together a few tasks to stretch your technical skills. There is no time limit, so you can take as long as you want, but the estimated time for the task is 4 hours. Alternatively, if you have some interesting projects on GitHub, we can review your commits there instead.

4. Reviewing what your code looks like

Time: max. 3 days

A group of our experienced developers will need a few days to review your code. But we’ll be back with feedback as soon as possible!

5. Interview – in our office or remote

Time: 1,5h

Usually we have a two stage interview:

  • First stage (around 30 min) is the part when we want to hear more about you, your experience, expectations and just simply get to know you!
  • In the second stage (around 1h) we want to ask a few practical questions about the solutions we saw you put into your code, as well as tools and concepts you have experience with. We won’t ask you about the text-book definitions- we are only interested in your practical understanding.

6. Decision time

Time: max. 1 week

After the interview, we normally need a few days to come to a hiring decision. We’ll need to make sure that we can find the right project for you. We understand that waiting for an answer can be stressful so we will do our best to keep this as brief as possible!

7. Welcome on board!

We are aware that the first days at the new company can be tough, so we aim to take great care of you! We’ll assign you a buddy, who will be there to show you everything, so that you can feel comfortable asking the silly questions and get to know your way around the place easily.

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