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Skills Development

We know that it is essential for engineers to maintain an ongoing process of skills development and evolution (both technical and soft skills). Joining Sonalake means that your personal development will be supported fully so that you can reach your potential. As well as challenging work projects, you will have a chance to dive into the secrets of software development through innovation projects, workshops, tech-talks and more formal training courses. There is also room for recent graduates in the Sonalake family! Read more about how we can satisfy your thirst for knowledge!

Award winning Graduate Programme

Sonalake’s graduate software developer programme has been widely recognised by industry and academia alike. Last year the programme was shortlisted in the Excellence in Talent Development category at the Irish Software Association Awards, and was a winner at Tech Excellence 2017, claiming the Professional Development award.

We want to facilitate our graduates to become ‘Complete Engineers’ by exposing them to the reality that technical proficiency and intellectual capacity alone do not result in advanced engineering output.


As a company we create an environment where our engineers are able to share knowledge, exchange experiences and meet like-minded people. That’s why we often host software community meet-ups and organize our own Sonalake Tech-talks. We always encourage our team to take the floor!


We conduct regular internal training sessions and workshops that cover new technologies and approaches to software engineering.. We also form groups of expertise in areas such as Front-end,Back-end, UX and QA to work together on emerging issues and introduce each other to new tools and concepts. Everyone from our team is welcome to participate in such sessions.


Whether just attending or speaking at events, it’s important for us to engage with peers in our field, share our ideas and contribute to the evolution of the industry, while also enjoying the networking benefits of attending conferences.

TGIF sessions

We hold short weekly 20-minute meetings, discussing news from the software technology world and progress on current projects, as well as sharing knowledge about project management, soft skills and team management.

Training budget & Innovation

We seriously believe in constant development and that’s why every employee gets the opportunity to select and participate in training, books, conferences or studies to satisfy the thirst for knowledge! Our innovation projects are also a super opportunity to apply new skills and learn from peers.

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