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Charity Initiatives

At Sonalake we think that it is important to make a social contribution to the community around us, and so we direct our efforts into the area of TechEd – technology in education.
We are a supporter of TechSpace, a wonderful not-for-profit initiative promoting education in creative technologies, especially focused on less advantaged communities through the medium of youth work. So, if you enjoy helping others, Sonalake would be a perfect place for you!

Craving Treats?

We too have sweet teeth – that’s why we regularly celebrate every beautiful moment, holiday, birthday and wedding with all kinds of sweets, including delicious homemade cakes! We’ve also got a tradition of pastries every Friday in our Dublin office, that comes after our weekly TechTalk.

Sports Enthusiasts

We’re not just about treats at Sonalake though – we also have plenty of ways off burning off your excess energy! We love going to the gym, running, taking part in marathons, ironman competitions, squash and swimming. We are also very proud of our Sonalake football team in Poznan. Are you looking for a training or Strava buddy? You’ll find one here!

Little Sonalakers

We have many little Sonalakers onboard. We are extremely proud of a new generation of future developers.

Thriving Environment

We like to speak at conferences and organise tech-talks and workshops inside and outside of the organisation. If you’d like to develop your skills in this area – this is the place for you!

Flexible Working Hours

Our office hours (for those of you not working remotely) are rightfully yours to decide! With Flexi-time you can choose the hours you want and that best suit you! So… there is no need to reset your internal clock ;)

Sonalake Office Days

We all know everyone likes to work remotely but let’s face it, we are social animals and need to see other faces from time to time. Office Days are special for us, as our kitchens become crowded, we get to celebrate all kinds of occasions and hold TechTalks..

Beverage of Choice

it’s a great chance to catch up while working remotely. We shoot the breeze with our colleagues while having a beverage of your choice. You could impress your team with the subtle flavours of Kopi Luwak, wow them with a Bombay Chai tea or knock their socks off with a Honeydew Hibiscus Fruit Tisane.

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