Who we are

Sonalake is a multi-award winning software partnering company. Formed in 2016 following the merger of DANU and Verax, our history stretches back over 20 years of successful project delivery.

Our growing team of on-site, hybrid and remote employees are centred around our European offices in Dublin, Poznan and Bratislava.

Our purpose

Sonalake is committed to having an exceptional impact on our customers, our people and the wider community.

Our business focus is to help companies innovate with software - designing new products for revenue growth, automation and insight.

We do this by hiring great people, investing in innovation, and embracing agile and creative ways of working. Engineering excellence is at the heart of everything we do.

Our approach is to earn and sustain trusted partner status with our clients, and trusted employer status with our people. This is central to our culture.

Our Values


We aim to make an exceptional impact, bringing our innovative best to all that we do.


We listen carefully before we act - to the user, to the customer, and to each other.


We build trust through our integrity and our proactive approach to collaboration.


We always seek out inventive ways of working for team efficiency and fulfilment.


We push for personal growth to reach our potential. Feedback, mentoring and training are core.


We believe in creating a diverse and stimulating environment of work and social engagement.

Tech stack

We love open source tech. We develop large-scale platforms with multiple data integrations, and process billions of transactions per day. We embrace the latest technologies, frameworks, tools and processes.


In the software space, tooling, frameworks, systems, and ways of working are constantly evolving. Staying abreast of and contributing to that evolution excites us.

We invest to bring innovation mindsets, expertise and assets to our customer engagements.

Our research and development activities are focused on emerging software technologies, engineering processes and tooling, in addition to our in-house telco solution developments.

Projects range from comparative technology evaluations, making contributions to open source software we love, as well as open sourcing some software of our own.

Giving back -
tech in education

We believe it’s important to contribute to the community, and while we pursue lots of initiatives every year, our primary focus is on the adoption of technology in education. The following are two initiatives that we heavily support:

Kinia - we helped found this amazing not-for-profit business that promotes education using creative technologies, with a focus on less-advantaged communities. Kinia has to date trained over 16,000 educators and impacted the learning of 200,000 young people.

Gatoto School - we built an extensive computer lab for this school in the Mukuru slum in Nairobi, Kenya, and we are supporting the advancement of digital learning techniques within the school’s curriculum to help set an example of what’s possible.